Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts(IRCA)

The habit of taking alcohol regularly by the poor inhabitants of the district not only weakens their economic position but also causes widespread social unrest. Keeping this a main point, a drug Awareness Counseling and Assistance Center had been established by the Ashrama to make the rural people aware of the bad effects of drug and liquor on their health and economy. During 2002-2003 the Assistance center converted in to a 15 bedded De-addiction center to provide indoor treatment besides behavior therapy, Yoga therapy, Psychiatric treatment and counseling services etc. As part of the program the community based activities have been undertaken as below:-

  • Organizing Small rallies in the villages with awareness slogans and display of banners.
  • Pasting of awareness/warning posters on trees, walls and other suitable places.
  • Distribution of Informative leaflets and booklets.
  • Public meeting.
  • Power Point Programes on drug awareness.
  • Individual & Family counseling to give up alcohol & drugs.
  • Treatment of addicts with free medicines boarding and lodging.
  • Follow-up Programs.

During the year, 484 Nos. of addicts registered their name out of which 180 are indoor and 304 are outdoor clients.