Future Plan

  • There is a much cherished plan for construction of a Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishna and a museum showing the harmony of all religions.
  • The Ashrama urgently requires the buildings for Residential School, Guest House, Sadhu Niwas, Staff Quarters and Temple of Sri Ramakrishna Dev.
The estimated cost are as follows:
  • Universal Temple of Sri Ramakrishna Dev (Rs 5 crores)
  • Quarter for dedicated life workers (Rs.1 crores)
  • Residential School for 300 Boys (Rs. 3 crores)
  • Interstate integrated youth training centre for income generating scheme (Rs. 2 crores)
  • Corpus fund for maintenance of ongoing activities (5 crores)
  • International Exchange program to create botherhood (5 crores)

There are many other programmes in our future mission for upliftment of mass.