Shree Ramakrishna Dev

Born in Kamarpukur village of West Bengal India in 1836, he passed his childhood in calm and serene atmosphere of the village. His entire life was full of God Consciousness. He undertook serious attempts to realize the various paths for God realization. The spiritual austerities lasted 16 (sixteen) years. This period is full of many wonderful incidents unheard of in any recorded hagiology. He succeeded in practicing not only the various major religions of the world but also the many sects of Hinduism. He found out the truth - the only aim of human life is God - realization. Each and every path leads to the same truth and there are as many opinions with so many paths. He was the instrumental in laying the foundation of Shree Ramakrishna Order with many householder disciples and specially chosen Eighteen monastic disciples. His most beloved disciples was Swami Vivekananda. He passed away in 1886. His legacy of the true meaning of Vedanta is being carried out today by the “Sri Ramakrishna Movement”.