Senior Citizen's Home

Integrated Programme for Senior Citizen(IPSrC)

Old and elderly persons are the most neglected group of the society. Though they have contributed their entire life for the welfare of the society as well as for their families, they are being treated as undesirable burdens of the society. Keeping the above fact in view, the Ashrama has started an Old Age Home during March 1996. The inmates have been selected from SC/ST and other economically backward communities from remote villages after by dedicated monks of Shree Ramakrishna Order. The project has been sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment (Ageing Division), Government of India. At present 25 old persons are staying in the Home. Free boarding, lodging, health check up is TRIBAL HOSTEL M.RAMPUR TRIBAL HOSTEL MOTAGANDA UNIT provided to these inmates. A part-time Doctor has been appointed for routine checkup of their health, Besides, two cluster mobile dispensaries in Allopathy & Homeopathy are existing in the premises of the institution, where the sick old persons are treated every day

The inmates are provided with clothes and other basic necessities like soap, oil etc. from time to time. The Superintendent Social worker of the institution interact with the inmates in value added sessions and explain them on the modern principles of health, hygiene, culture & legal rights apart from counseling on drugs abuse, castism, superstition, etc..The literate and semi-literate inmates read magazines, periodicals, news papers etc. purchased for them in the Library of the institution. For their entertainment and value orientation, video shows on Mahabharat, Ramayana, Sri Krishna etc. are being organized from time to time along with educative television programmes. Besides, spiritual classes on Gita & Bhagabatam are arranged regularly

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Annada Prasad Pattnaik


Phone: 7077626369

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